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Metal Stair Railings Options!

Popular Types Metal Stair Railings


When deciding on metal stair railing for your Scottsdale or Phoenix home there are a lot of choices, and it can become challenging. There are several factors to consider, with safety being the first. You want to choose a stair railing with enough support, durability, and dependability to ensure the safety in your home or business if someone falls or slips. Another area to consider is maintenance required with metal stair railings. Finally, the appearance of metal stair railings is often important to property owners, as it should compliment the personal style and design of the property.

Although wooden stair railings have been popular for years, they lack in areas metal railings exceed in. For instance, a wooden stair railing will not be able to provide the long-term durability you get with metal stair railings, or the overall support and strength. After all, the purpose of a stair railing is supporting people that may grab it for support. If an elderly person, child or anyone slips and grabs a stair railing, you want it to support their weight. Metal stair railings offer this dependability more than wood stair railings can.

If you’re looking into a metal stair railing, but not sure which option is best for your needs, the following may help you. You want to find a balance between the functions of a railing and the appearance, so you have something that looks beautiful, but safe and dependable when needed in your Phoenix home or business.

Popular Types Metal Stair Railings

Types of Metal Stair Railings

The various types of metals available, a metal stair railing offers many ways to customize it and your home. The metal you choose can separate your exterior or interior design, or make it all come together and look attractive. With each type of metal comes a different finished look, and some metals are naturally going to have anti-microbial properties to assist in keeping your guests and family healthy. To learn more about the type of finish, style, and type of metal is best for your project, it is best to understand each type of metal stair railing available.

Stainless Steel Stair Railing

If you are trying for a more modern look that looks amazing, a stainless-steel metal stair railing may be the best approach. You will get a clean and polished meta stair railing, which is corrosion and rust resistant. These are factors that make it a great option for both interior and exterior railings. These types of railings are created from chromium and steel, using cables, pipes, and tubes to create a dependable stainless-steel stair railing that fits your interior. When finished, they can be one of a kind to be a focal point of your property. Stainless steel railings will match other stainless-steel appliances within your home, making the installation compliment your overall style and design. Also, stainless steel stair railings provide the option of finishes that best fit your needs. If you prefer a muted satin, or a polished mirror finish that’s very reflective, the choice is yours.

Aluminum Stair Railing

If you are searching for affordable metal stair railing for a Phoenix property, you may prefer an aluminum option. These types of metal stair railings are corrosion and rust resistant, and less expensive compared to stainless steel and wrought iron options. Aluminum can be used indoors or outdoors, and they provide a good weight to strength ratio, meaning they will be strong and dependable, but a lighter weight installation. Aluminum stair railings can be customized, with various finishes available, from muted satin, painted or polished appearances. If you desire a reflective polish finish, you should be aware there is a little more maintenance required to maintain it’s vibrant appearance. Whereas, painted aluminum stair railings offer homeowners the ability to perfectly match any interior design theme. Muted satin finishes assist in hiding fingerprints on your metal stair railing.

Brass Stair Railing

Made from copper and zinc, brass stair railings are another option available in a range of colors. Color options range from yellow or golden to red or brown shades, depending how the metal is created. For many years, brass has been used on some of the nicest buildings around Scottsdale, AZ. This is because not only is it a timeless metal, it offers unique elegance and a classic look. However, a brass stair railing will require some maintenance care to ensure it does not tarnish and continues to look brilliant. It also offers a natural anti-microbial property.

Copper Stair Railing

Cooper stair railings offer a warm and rich appearance which are often used for bringing the interior of a home to life. Although, they can be used outdoors as well. When choosing copper, the overall cost will be more, but many business and home owners enjoy the look of copper stair railings, which start with a reddish or golden-brown hue. However, due to exposure to the environment over time, copper naturally develops a green patina that acts as a layer of protection against corrosion. Like with a brass stair railing, copper also provides anti-microbial properties to assist in health.

Wrought Iron Stair Railing

Wrought Iron is a metal that many have preferred using for centuries, including home owners, craftsmen, builders, and commercial property owners. Wrought iron stair railings provide a wonderful finish while providing the ability to incorporate rather intricate designs for a custom appearance. Wrought iron is a very strong and durable metal, meaning it will provide the supported needed and last a long time. Usually a wrought iron railing has a black finish, but they can have other finishes to match your needs, including shimmery silver or golden hues. If you prefer you can go with a minimal and clean design, or a more complex custom scroll work to make your new wrought iron stair railing your very own one of a kind masterpiece. Although wrought iron can be installed indoors or outdoors, keep in mind that iron can easily rust from weather conditions and require more care than other metals.

Staircase Railing Installation in the Phoenix Valley

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