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All of our metal, steel and wrought iron single entry gates are custom fabricated to your specifications and ensure the perfect design and fit. Look below to choose one of our many wrought iron gate designs we’ve completed for previous clients or you can work with our in-house designer to come up with your own custom designed iron gate. We can create many different styles of custom gates to accommodate nearly any style of home.

We house some of the finest craftsmen in valley and their commitment to excellence has helped to set us apart from our competition. Couple our metal expertise with top of the line customer service and attention to detail and you see what you will get when you trust Victory Metal Works. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers, which is why we fully guarantee the quality of our work. The job isn’t done until the customer is satisfied with the result.

Our quality craftsmanship, stunning designs and excellent customer service coupled with competitive pricing makes us one of Arizona’s leading manufacturers of iron and steel products. You will not regret choosing to go with Victory Metal Works. We are called Victory for a reason!


When you hire Victory Metal Works we come to you and collaborate for the custom design of your Railing or Fencing. The size, style, and details of your project can be customized to your preferences and to fit into the aesthetic of your property. If you want a railing or fence that looks modern or minimalist or a design that is robust and old world we will work with you to design the perfect installation.


Once the design is approved our expert custom metalworkers will bring it to life in our metalworking shop. We have a wide variety of skills, tools, and custom metalworking talents that will help achieve the design, look, and appearance you have requested. Our fabricators use the best techniques to build your railings and fences so they will be durable and last for many years.


The best made products mean nothing without quality installation. We pride ourselves on designing and fabricating the best looking highest quality railings and fences and finish each product by carefully installing them into your home or business. We know that our Scottsdale customers expect the best and we want to deliver on ever single install we do.


The style and visual design of your railings and fencing is greatly affected by what metal is used to fabricate them from. While a lot of installations are made from wrought iron you can also ask for custom metals for that one of a kind look. These include brass, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. Metals like copper and copper have a nice warm character and are great when homes include these materials or colors in their design. Stainless steel and aluminum are high shine and clean appearance materials that provide exceptionally clean looks that are very modern.

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