Doors With Transoms


Wrought Iron Entry Doors With Transoms Scottsdale, AZ

What Is A Door Transom? Transoms are a small detail windows above doors or windows.


ARCHITECTURAL TRANSITIONS – Many times doors or windows can have wonderfully complex and ornate designs. A transom in these cases helps transition from the intricate door design and the walls and eaves. Transoms also can help create visual separation between door and window framing. Without transoms in these spots the elements tend to run together visually.

WIDER VIEWS If you’ve invested in your landscape or are lucky enough to live somewhere with a picturesque view you’ll want to open up as much window space as possible to enjoy it. The traditional shape of transoms was fan shaped, but progressively modern designs are bringing new interest and shapes.

DECORATIVE DETAILS – Transoms can be purely decorative. The can embellish the aesthetic design of you home by repeating architectural elements and tie together sections of your home. Matching second story windows in rooms with vaulted ceilings with transoms can be a stunning visual effect. Not to mention letting in loads of natural light.

INCREASED AIRFLOW – On days where your air conditioner doesn’t have to “set to 11” transoms can be installed with hinges and swivels. This means they can be opened and allow fresh air to enter your home or business. This is great way to allow airflow without having to prop a door open. A very popular place to put these is modern, spa-like bathrooms. An indoor hot tub, or jetted tub has a lot of steam and heat. Allowing that hot and humid air an escape route will also allow clean fresh air to enter your bathroom.

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All of our metal, steel and iron entry doors with transoms are custom fabricated to meet your specifications and ensure the perfect look and fit. View below to choose one of our many iron entry doors with transoms that we’ve completed for previous clients or you can work with our in-house designer to come up with your own custom designed iron entry door with transoms. We can create many different styles of custom doors to accommodate nearly any style of home.

You have many different options to choose from such as: Your choice of many custom painted finishes, decorative dual pane tempered glass, custom forged door pulls, fully weather sealed units with the best products in the industry, built-in steel thresholds and more. VMW is Arizona’s leading manufacturer of custom wrought iron entry doors with transoms for projects in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the Greater Phoenix area.