Custom Doors


Victory Metal Works

All of our wrought iron, steel and metal fabrication are done to your needs and specifications to guarantee a custom, one of a kind look and fit.
Below you will find a six main categories of Custom Doors, click the category title that you need for your home.

Single Doors

Single steel and iron doors are great upgrades to the most common size of entry in most homes. Side doors, back doors, and some front doors are single doors.

Single Doors with Sidelights

For entryways needing a single door but have a little extra space sidelights can allow wonderful natural light into your home. Sidelights cut down on daytime electricity use and offer a unique look.

Double Doors

Double doors made from wrought iron or steel are a great addition to the larger entry ways for your home. They are more attractive and they allow for larger items to fit easily into your home.

Double Doors with Sidelights

Just like Single Doors With Sidelights the light that sidelights let in helps cut down on electricity. With both sides having sidelights your entryway will let in lots of light and add interest to your home.

Modern Doors

Modern doors are the perfect solution to upgrade your front entry, side entry, or even backdoor at your residence. Our team will help create a design which captures the theme and style of your home.

Doors with Transoms

Transoms are a lot like sidelights, they let natural light into your home. The difference is that they are located about the door, to the sides.

Wine Cellar Doors

The Wine Cellar experience has changed over the last years, it isn’t just about having a cellar. Today’s wine enthusiasts love having a wine sanctuary, and a custom wine door is the best way to make it special.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Entry Doors – These doors are some of the strongest, most secure, and beautiful options you could invest in.  Not only for the simple fact that it makes your house more attractive, but it makes it harder for people to break in, and it increases your property value.  Let the experts with Victory Metal Works customize an entry door to compliment your architecture and tastes.

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