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Wine Doors In Scottsdale, AZ

If you’re in the market for a wrought iron wine cellar door, Victory Metal Works can help! Our team specializes in all things metal and wrought iron is one of our most popular materials. It encapsulates time honored commitment to durability, style, and tradition. Add a touch of the old world to your wine cellar with a beautifully designed and fabricated wine cellar door from Victory Metal Works!


Come and check out the ‘Wine Cellar Specialist’s’ and browse through their selections of hand forged wrought iron, purpose built, wine cellar doors. Which has been designed to keep the environment of a custom wine cellar cooled down, and they also add some pizazz to the appearance of a wine cellar or storage area. Not only are they ideal for any residential and/or commercial wine cellar room, but they also work well for storage areas, giving it an additional design, and what’s more, it is affordable!


  • Has a standard 1 ½ inch door thickness.
  • Comes with complete designing specifications and detailed auto cad drawings.
  • Comes with a standard hardware specification of 2 1/8 inch bore, and a 2 3/8 inch back-set, including a 5 ½ inch center to center.
  • They can be custom manufactured to meet your own specifications.
  • Skilled craftsmen, with years of experience will hot forge by hand, bringing them to life.
  • Has ball bearing hinges that are heavy duty.
  • They come on a steel frame that is custom made and are also pre-hung.
  • On Double doors, they have flush bolts which secure the side that is inactive on the unit, including a custom T-astragal.
  • Both, body of the door and the framing have been pumped with foam insulation of high quality polyurethane, giving it great insulation.
  • They have been constructed with a combination consisting of 16 & 18-gauge steel.
  • The tempered glass has dual panes.
  • The glass panels on the interior independently open, which allows easy cleaning.
  • The frames of the doors weather stripping are a mixture of foam and rubber, as does the door framing and rubber sweep, thus, the reason the doors are weather tight.
  • A 5/8-inch steel bar has been hand forged with scroll work.
  • They have been made oxidation free by the layers of acrylic primer applications, followed by two more coats of acrylic black (high grade) base. In maximizing the weatherizing process each unit has two more layers of a selected faux finish and lastly, two layers of sealant.

Schedule A Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door Consultation!

We have the ability to manufacture the designs you are wanting, we would like for you to take a look at some of the more popular designs in wine cellar doors made of wrought iron, you can check them out below. All prices will be determined going by the unit size and the design that is selected. Be sure to order in plenty of time to have it on hand when starting your project! Each of our hand forged wine cellar doors are purpose built for every client individually.

Contact us here, or call Victory Metal Works at 480-584-6220 to schedule your consultation!