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Wrought Iron Architectural Elements Scottsdale, AZ

When you are searching for “Metal Trellis”, “Garden Trellis”, “Wall Art”, or any other wrought iron architectural elements for your residential or commercial property Victory Metal Works is your source for the highest quality, longest lasting, and most beautiful fabrication. All of our custom wrought iron architectural elements are custom fabricated to your specifications to ensure the perfect look and feel. Adding one of our customized decorative additions will not only enhance the look and atmosphere of your home, it will also raise the overall value of your home. These elements can be more than just aesthetic enhancements, they can be built to serve various functional purposes as well, it’s only a matter of being creative and conceptual.

We guarantee the quality of our wrought iron architectural elements as well as your satisfaction with our work. Our products are durable and built to last as they are mad from only the highest quality materials from the most reputable providers in Arizona. Look below to choose one of our many architectural elements we’ve completed for previous clients or you can work with our in-house designer to come up with your own custom designed architectural element. We can create many different styles of elements to accommodate nearly any style of residential or commercial property.


Outdoor Wall Art

Wall art on included on the sides of your home, exterior walls, columns or other architectural features adds visual interest, textures, and unique design. Wall art can be as simple or as ornate as you’d like.  Popular designs include crosses, geometrical designs, and designs inspired by nature such as wine leaves, branches, or other nature themed designs.

Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen or BBQ area can benefit greatly by having metal elements included in the design. We can build doors and hinges for durable and long lasting storage doors. Metal will weather better than wood in our hot, dry, and sometimes rainy desert environment. These elements are built to last and are designed to be outdoors.

Metal Shutters

If you have archways or windows arches that don’t have windows you can add visual interest with custom made metal shutters. These shutters can offer privacy, beauty, and unique one of a kind design to your home. They can be stationary and purely decorative or they can be made to be fully functional and hinge to open and close.

Metal Handrails

If you have stairs in or outside your home we can build metal handrails that make it safer and easier for visitors and your family to enjoy your property. During windy, rainy, or at night it is nice to be able reach out and hold onto a handrail while you are walking on stairs. Designs can be as mild or wild as you like.

Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing can be installed around patio areas, dining areas, or any where you would like to create more private spaces. It can be simply decorative or it can be completely enclosing and offer privacy and a level of security. The decision is yours with Victory Metal Works. We will build the privacy fencing that you need and want.

Ornamental Metal Sculptures

Adding artistic elements to your home in the form of ornamental metal sculptures adds beauty to your space. The sky is the limit with design and fabrication, so we welcome custom design projects and strive to bring each and every customer’s design to life in their choice of metal, design, and style.

Metal Trellis

A trellis is a structure that is built with the intent being a framework for plants to grow on. Various plants grow on a garden trellis such as climbing vines, grapes, and other plants. Planter holders can also be installed so you can get a head start and add perennial bursts of color.

Indoor Wall Art

If you have a residential or commercial space where you would like to build custom designed visually stunning wall art, we are your source. We can build any style of wall are you want for inside your property such as rustic, traditional, modern, minimalist or even abstract.

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