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Single Entry Gates Scottsdale

All of our metal, steel and wrought iron single entry gates are custom fabricated to your specifications and ensure the perfect design and fit. Look below to choose one of our many wrought iron gate designs we’ve completed for previous clients or you can work with our in-house designer to come up with your own custom designed iron gate. We can create many different styles of custom gates to accommodate nearly any style of home.

We house some of the finest craftsmen in valley and their commitment to excellence has helped to set us apart from our competition. Couple our metal expertise with top of the line customer service and attention to detail and you see what you will get when you trust Victory Metal Works. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of each and every one of our customers, which is why we fully guarantee the quality of our work. The job isn’t done until the customer is satisfied with the result.

Our quality craftsmanship, stunning designs and excellent customer service coupled with competitive pricing makes us one of Arizona’s leading manufacturers of iron and steel products. You will not regret choosing to go with Victory Metal Works. We are called Victory for a reason!


Victory Metal Works offers any iron gate design you wish.  From strictly traditional or baroque to simple modern gate designs we fabricate and install it all!  Each property be it a business or a home has a unique style all it’s own.  We provide unique iron gates designs to our customers all over the Phoenix Valley.  If you’re inspiration for your iron gates includes geometric elements, soft curves, or even elements from nature such as leaves, tree limbs, or reeds we can design it, fabricate it, and install it at your property.  See popular iron gates design categories below.

Modern Iron Gate Designs

Modern iron gate designs include geometric shapes, weathered looks, and other truly unique elements. These types of gates fit best with properties that have modern architecture and want a sophisticated gate to the property.

Traditional Iron Gate Designs

Iron gates have been around for many hundreds of years and the traditional style has endured. Traditional gate designs look their best on homes that have traditional architecture such as colonial style homes.

Contemporary Iron Gate Designs

Contemporary iron gate designs are popular as they feature elements from a more neo-classical era of design. This design fits well in a variety of properties from those with modern architecture but also with more classical styles.

Simple Iron Gate Designs

For many properties a simple iron gate design is best. Sometimes its to allow the building’s own flair to take center stage while other times it is to keep costs down. No matter what design you choose we build our gates to last.

Ornate Iron Gate Designs

Some homes and businesses are best outfitted with ornate iron gates. These properties typically have detailed architecture with lots of embellishments. Our iron gate design team can match and compliment your existing style of architecture.

Custom Iron Gate Designs

If you have a custom iron gate design in mind, we are here to help! You can blend other design styles or provide us an idea all of your own. We can then make sure the design will be sturdy and durable, fabricate it, and install it.


It’s easy to get new iron gates from Victory Metal Works. We have 4 steps to getting your design fabricated and installed at any property you wish in the Phoenix Valley. Consult with us about your inspiration and design, approve our design and quote, then we fabricate and install your new iron gates.

STEP 1. START WITH INSPIRATION – After browsing through the gallery on this page you might already have a single entry gate style picked out. You might also like elements or styles from more than one gate. If you have your own design in mind or want to borrow elements from the designs on this page you can talk to our designer about custom single entry gate design.

STEP 2. COMPLETELY CUSTOM DESIGN – Our in-house designer can help develop, design, and help draw out the gate sketches that fit what you have in your mind. Working with our designer helps get you the unquestionably unique design. A part of getting custom doors is precise measurements of the entryway the gates will be installed in. A member of our team will come and get the measurements so the designer can ensure that the design will fit your space.

STEP 3. DETAILED & DURABLE FABRICATION – With the right measurements, your design, and the best fabricators in Arizona your dream gates will transform from raw metal to functional yet artistic works in steel, iron, or alloy.

STEP 4. PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION – Victory Metal Work’s highly trained and professional installation team will safely transport your gates to your home. Then with the right tools and right skills the doors will be installed to last a lifetime in your Phoenix home.


Wrought iron entry gates can augment the look, appeal and value of your home. If you are looking to switch up the current look of your home adding an iron single entry door can give you the visual diversity that you are seeking without having to pay for and undergo an entire remodel. Wrought iron gates are low maintenance, benefit the curb appeal of your home, raises the overall property value of your home and land while adding a layer of security.

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All of Victory Metal Works Single Entry gates come finished with high-quality protective coatings to guard them against erosion from the persistent elements.  Victory Metal Works is Arizona’s leading manufacturer of custom wrought iron single entry gates for projects in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and the Greater Phoenix area. Get a free iron gate estimate in Scottsdale or Phoenix by contacting Victory Metal Works today.