Wrought Iron Fence Costs 2024
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Wrought Iron Fence Costs 2023


How Much Does a Wrought Iron Fence Cost? Wrought iron fence costs about $27.50 per linear sq ft with average prices of wrought iron fencing ranging from $25 per linear sq ft to $30 per linear sq ft in the US for 2023, according to Improvenet.com.

As reported by HomeAdvisor.com members adding a matching gate will cost about $4650 with average prices of a matching gate ranging from $300 to $9000, including installation.

Disclaimer – This is not an actual quote. Contact Artistic Alloys today to get a quote for your project.

What Is A Wrought Iron Fence?

Wrought iron can be defined as ‘worked iron” meaning any iron that has been molded by hand as part of its manufacturing process. Sometimes coming with decorative and complicated designs and at other times they can be more utilitarian in nature such as picket-style fencing. Although very secure they are not a substitute for privacy fences. They also require regular maintenance. Every couple of years they need to be sanded down and repainted. The upside is if they are well maintained they will literally last a lifetime.

Wrought iron fences are truly artisan products. Each one is handmade and they are never mass produced. This makes them more expensive but many people think the unique, elegant and stylized looks one can achieve to be worth every penny of the investment.

Wrought Iron Fence Costs

With costs starting at around $35 per square foot even a yard with a perimeter of just 150 feet is going to cost $5,250. However, if you are wanting a more elaborate design, please understand this can escalate the price drastically depending on the degree of customization and your geographical location. it is not uncommon to have costs of $100 plus per square foot, meaning a yard with a 150-foot perimeter will cost $15,000 or more.

Wrought Iron Gate Costs

Depending on the size the average costs of a wrought iron gate is $1,750 with costs ranging from $500 to $3,000 for the US in 2023. Please note the prices may vary dramatically depending on the intricacy of the design and the customization you desire.

Imitation Wrought Iron Fences

Imitation wrought iron fences can cost less than $30 per square foot but it is important to understand the material it is being made from. While composite materials and aluminum can give a great look, they cannot be customized to the same degree and you should always be fully aware of the materials your fence is being constructed from to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

Wrought Iron Fence Maintenance

A wrought iron fence should have a yearly cleaning. Simply take a garden hose and rinse the fence down, and take some mild detergent and a brush to clean away any rust. Rinse the fence again and then dry it down.

Every couple of years, it will be necessary to repaint the fence, so follow these steps:

  1. Sand and clean the fence.
  2. Apply a primer suitable for metals.
  3. Apply the paint – Spray paint works best, just make sure it is a rust-resistant paint.
  4. For optimum results perform the job on a sunny day without high humidity.
  5. Utilize a drop cloth to avoid staining.

Hints For Buyers

  • If your neighbors lack a fence, they may be willing to share the costs of bordering areas. Maybe they have been thinking about a fence as well!
  • Obtain multiple quotes. The price is important but also look at the quality of the work. Check references and see some of their previous work.
  • Make sure you check all the local planning and zoning requirements before you build any kind of fence.

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