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Types Of Security Doors

Types Of Security Doors


If you’re searching for types of security doors you are likely installing new doors on your home or business.  Victory Metal Works is proud to assist with design, fabrication, and installation of security doors in Scottsdale and the Phoenix Valley.  Our team helps you with every stage of the project from settling on a design to the final installation at your residential or commercial property.

Types Of Security Doors

What are security doors?

Our businesses, homes, apartments, and hotels protect our guests, families, property and ourselves, but they are not able to effectively do their job if the doors cannot effectively keep criminals out. Most security doors will use deadbolt locks, security chains, alarms and door strike reinforcers to be able to stop unauthorized entry. Security cameras, door windows, and peepholes can offer you the ability to screen your visitors before you have to disengage the lock and allow entry.

One of the biggest things to consider is that the ability to keep people out isn’t just on the deadbolt, lock or chain, but on the strength of the doors structure. The best security doors are often made from solid hardwood or metal. Doors that are made from plywood or composite materials will not be strong enough to make sure that your business or family is safe. They are able to be kicked in or rammed through because of the lack of strength. One of the biggest intimidating deterrents will be a visibly thick, heavy door that has a pretty thick frame. Most crimes will often be crimes of opportunity, such property left unattended and open garage doors. A security door is a really great way to send a message to any potential criminals that your business or home is protected and it will not be an easy mark.

Types of Security Doors

Decorative Grilles: These are very flexible when it comes to being customized. If the biggest reasons that you would like to add a security door to your home is for style, then this is a perfect option. There are a lot of different shapes and patterns available.

Cast Iron Grille

These feature an outer aluminum frame like other doors, but it has a cast iron grille. It is a perfect option if you want to match the architecture and style of your home. Whenever you choose a door, you need to be aware that cast iron doors are very heavy, and you may need the frame reinforced to support it.

Standard Diamond Grille

This is the most common security door type and is a very common choice for homebuilders. This is because it has an aluminum grille and frame. Because of the diamond shape of the grille, it keeps an intruders hand from getting in easily.

Stainless Steel Security Wire

This is the most costly of the options, but it is also the type of door that will give you the best protection. It uses a 3-point locking system and it is fitted with heavy steel and stainless-steel mesh which makes it nearly impossible to break through.

Security Door Basics

The Frame: Your door could be made as strong as Thor’s hammer, but it will do nothing unless it has been paired with a strong frame that is ready to help keep an intruder out. They may be built from either steel or aluminum.

Industry leaders have stated that steel doors, whenever it is properly constructed and installed can be a really effective solution for security that is available.

If corrosion happens to be an issue at your building, then aluminum may be a great option as it is less prone to having issues with reacting to salt or salty air being applied to the road to help control ice and snow.

The frame will need to be equipped with deep receiver channels for a grille, and that is so that the edge isn’t able to be forced out of the frame to easily. You want to ensure that the main portion of a frame and receiver channel will make a good connection, so that it will be sturdy.

Some doors can be equipped internal corner stakes that you can’t see. The stronger option is a fully welded corner joint.

Reinforcing the Security Door

Aluminum Grilles: They are available in heavy duty versions of this door which look really secure, but they only offer just enough protection to keep bugs out and it won’t safeguard your family.

Steel bars, Grilles, or Motifs

These will be some of the strongest systems in the whole world. They will often send a clear message that you are protected and that you don’t compromise your safety.

Structural Aluminum Perforated Sheets

These are a fairly new option and industry leaders have been stating that they are similar to stainless steel mesh when it comes to security, but it is not as expensive.

Steel Security Door

These are an older solution to securing your building and one that has become less popular. This is because of the cost and that they don’t offer any more protection than other doors. They are even constructed less because of the propensity for corrosion and weight.

Stainless Steel Mesh

This is going to be the most expensive type of door and it is also probably one of the most effective and strongest when it comes to keeping what you own in and those you do not want in out. The great part about these doors is that they are very similar to looking through a fly screen. You will have security while keeping your view.

Security Door Installation

If you have any other questions about how to get the best protection for your office or your home in Scottsdale or the Phoenix Valley with by installing a great security door, call the experts as Victory Metal Works. You are able to reach us by phone or simply fill out our contact form.

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