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Wrought Iron Vs. Steel Gates


If you’re looking for “Wrought Iron VS. Steel Gates,” you’re probably attempting to figure out which metal is ideal for your new home or business gates. Which is best for your property is determined by your choices, budget, and property style. Artistic Alloys & Design will build metal gates for your driveway, home, courtyard, or business in the valley using whatever metal alloy you desire. Continue reading to learn more about steel and wrought iron gates.

What Is the Difference Between Steel and Wrought Iron Gates?

Many retailers are hesitant to discuss the differences between wrought iron and steel gates. They want you to pick a style that appeals to you, pay for it, and have it installed. We custom build gates for Phoenix Valley residents and companies, and we want our customers to know all of the benefits and drawbacks of each material. Iron and steel are both elements on the periodic table, however steel is created by mixing iron and carbon. This means that iron gates are manufactured from something that appears to be naturally occurring. Steel, on the other hand, is a more modern-looking alloy.

You’re probably still undecided about which metal is best for your gates, so we’ve listed the pros and cons of each metal below. Read them and you’ll be better prepared to order your new wrought iron or steel gates.

Gates made of wrought iron

IRON GATES – Iron is a centuries-old raw material that has been mined, processed, and forged into gates, doors, and a variety of other useful objects. While it is no longer commonly utilized in industrial applications, it remains a very popular material for decorative metalwork. This is true for both commercial and residential establishments that desire to add both practical and decorative wrought iron elements to their premises, such as wrought iron entry doors. Despite the fact that steel is more durable, many property owners want to incorporate design elements that offer character.

When it comes to intricate and ornate metalwork, wrought iron has the upper hand. Wrought iron makes it easier to create highly detailed and visually appealing metal things. As a result, talented metalworkers create the more detailed fences, gates, stair railings, and pickets in wrought iron. This property of iron ensures that it remains a popular and highly sought after material for the finest gates.

Gates made of steel

STEEL GATES – Steel is another common metal for making gates, especially when a more modern appearance is sought. Steel is also popular for gates because it is stronger than wrought iron, is corrosion resistant, and does not rust. Fabricator to fabricator, the quality of steel and the durability of welds varies. This is why it’s critical to hire only the best welders and metal fabricators to construct steel gates for your property. Some gate producers employ stamped steel and low-cost fasteners and picket caps to create their gates. This is a low-cost choice, but it lacks the strength, durability, and magnificent beauty of handcrafted steel gates.

Our handcrafted steel gates will impress affluent property owners who want to invest in their home or business location.

Phoenix Valley Ornamental Iron

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