Iron Entry Doors Scottsdale


Victory Metal Works

When you are searching “Iron Entry Doors Scottsdale” Victory Metal Works has everything you need from design, fabrication, and quality install to get exactly the doors you need for your business or home.


There are 4 layouts for entry doors and endless styles they can be constructed in. The sky is the limit when it comes to design and style when you order a custom iron entry door from Victory Metal Works. Everything we build is built to last, built to impress guests, and ultimately keep your property looking great and secure.

Single Doors

Most homes in Scottsdale feature single entry doors. This is the standard entry for both businesses and residences and we off a wide range of styles that include the use of various materials to create custom looks.

Doors with Sidelights

Sidelights can be part of your door design which let in light and also can help you see who is at your door. Sidelights are available on both the single and double doors or any of our custom projects.

Double Doors

Some main entry ways in businesses and homes have double doors for a more regal entry. They are also great for getting larger furniture and appliances in or out of your property. Double doors made by Victory Metal Works are made to be secure, durable, and last a life time.

Doors with Transoms

A transom is similar to a sidelight but is directly above the door. They are a great way to let in natural light and no rely on running electricity as much in your entryway.


There is a wide variety of finishes, paints, and metals that can be used in the construction of your doors. We custom forge door pulls, can include built in steel thresholds, use decorative dual pan tempered glass, install fully weathered sealed doors, and simply offer the best products in the industry.


Getting your iron entry doors is easy with Victory Metal Works.  Call for a consultation and we will come to your home or business and listen to your wishes for your new entry doors.  We have a wide portfolio of completed projects to take inspiration from, or we can work with any design you have in mind.  Victory Metal Works offers Scottsdale property owners the power of choice and custom designed and expertly fabricated entry doors.


The design of you iron entry doors helps tell the story of your property in the size, shape, colors, and ornamental details you choose.  We can help you design any style you wish from the ultra minimal modern to traditional old world styles of iron entry doors.  No matter what type of design you want for your home or business, we can help you finalize a design.


We fabricate your iron entry doors ourselves using the latest most durable metal fabrication techniques.  Everything we fabricate is made to last and be visually stunning.  The iron entry doors we fabricate are an investment in your home’s value, and more importantly your home’s security.  Even the most ornamental iron entry door can be a strong deterrent.


Once your iron entry doors are fabricated we deliver them to your property and professionally install them.  We ensure that the frame is ready to support your new doors and only use high quality mounts, hinges, and other hardware.  We design, fabricate, and install iron entry doors to improve the security of your property and be visually stunning for many years to come.


IMPROVES SECURITY – High quality iron entry doors improve the security of your home or business by offering a strong second defense for getting in your primary entryways. The doors we fabricate and install are engineered to be as strong a defense as they are an investment in the appearance of your property.

INCREASES PROPERTY VALUE – When you improve the security and appearance of your property it increases the value. Prospective home buyers seek out properties that have better security and have had investments made to improve the visual appearance of facade. Investing in iron entry doors does both of these things.

IMPROVES CURB APPEAL – Iron entry doors made by Victory Metal Works are bold statements in your choice of size, style, and finish. We can help your entry doors be the welcome mat for the character and style of your home’s interior. Whether that be modern, traditional, eclectic, or any other style you choose.

Schedule a Iron Entry Door Consultation!

If you’re interested in better security and an upgraded look for your home or businesses entryway in Scottsdale we can help!  Schedule an appointment for us to come out and listen to your design inspiration, style wishes, and take exact measurements.  We have a long list of satisfied customers and a wide variety of previous work listed on our pages.  We can create any size, style, and look of iron entry doors you wish.