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If you have been searching for “Iron Entry Doors Chandler”, then you are going to be happy to know that you can find everything that you need at Victory Metal Works. You will certainly find high quality fabrications, the best installation and great designs around for your business and home doors.


When it comes to various doors, there are going to be only 4 basic types that will come with a completely endless amount of styles that can be fabricated. With your door design, the sky will be your limit when it comes to our custom iron doors that are designed and built by us here at Victory Metal Works. Every product that we fabricate is built to last and improve the appearance of your property while keeping it very secure.

Single Doors

Most homes within the Chandler area will have a single entry door. This is very standard for many businesses and residential homes. We are able to provide a wide variety of styles and are able to create them by using many different types of materials to give your door a custom appearance.

Doors with Sidelights

When it comes to the overall design of your door, sidelights can actually be a part of it to allow lights to enter and help with seeing who is at your door.

We can provide sidelights to single, double and custom door designs.

Double Doors

There are some entry ways that are in residential homes and businesses that will have double door style entries, and we can help with those too. They are quite helpful when it comes to moving larger furniture pieces or appliances from the property. Here at Victory Metal Works we are able to build double doors to be secure, durable, and appealing for a lifetime.

Doors with Transoms

Transoms are very similar to sidelights, but they happen to be positioned above your door.

They are great for allowing natural light to enter the home, which saves on electric and looks great as well.


When it comes to entry doors, there is a large variety of options out there including finishes, paints, and metals used during the fabrication process of the door. We have the experience that is needed to custom forge door pulls, to use decorative dual pan tempered glass, provide fully weather sealed doors, add in steel thresholds, etc. We are able to provide the best products in the industry.


Having an iron entry door installed is quite simple with Victory Metal Works. Just call us for a consultation and we will visit your home or business and learn what you would like for your new entry doors. Our portfolio of completed projects may help you to find inspiration for what you would like or if you have a design in mind, we can make it what you want. Victory Metal Works helps to give you the power of choice and luxury of a custom designed iron entry door that have the highest quality of fabrication.


The design and style of your iron entry door will tell the story of your home or business. The size, shape, ornamentation, and colors that you pick will give your door various styles and looks. We can help you to design any style from modern minimal to traditional. It doesn’t matter what type of design you want; we can help you to develop it into a finalized design.


We will be able to fabricate your iron entry door in our shop using only the latest metal fabrication techniques and attention to detail. Every entry door that we make is made to last for many years and to be visual stunning. Our entry doors are an investment in your homes security and appearance. Even the most detailed iron entry door can be made to be an effective deterrent.


Once we have completed your iron entry doors, we will deliver them to your property and then professionally install them. Our team will ensure that your door frame is ready to hold your new doors and we will only use the best hardware, hinges and mounts. We custom design, fabricate and install the iron entry doors to help improve your property’s security and appearance.


IMPROVES SECURITY – Professionally designed and fabricated iron entry doors provide superior security, durability, and simply last longer than other materials.  These doors will provide exception security for the primary entryways into your home or business.  Security is serious business and a set of doors that are as strong as they look is a deterrent for would be buglers.

INCREASES PROPERTY VALUE – Adding iron exterior doors will do more than just make your home unique, it will increase your property value. It will be safer, you’ll have a beautiful entry way and you will improve your homes curb appeal. Doing this means that whenever you are ready to sell, after enjoying your investment for years it can repay you in added value.

IMPROVES CURB APPEAL – Iron entry doors that are made by Victory Metal Works are a very bold statement in the choice of finish, style, and size. We can help your entry doors to become a welcome mat for the character and style of the interior of your home. Whether it is eclectic, modern, traditional, or another style that you pick.

Schedule a Iron Entry Door Consultation!

If you are wanting to upgrade your look and have better security for your business or home in Chandler, we can help. Schedule an appointment for us to come out and listen to your design, style wishes, and to take exact measurements. We have a long list of satisfied customers and plenty of previous projects listed on our page. We can create any look, size and style of iron entry door that you want.