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Are you searching for “Wrought Iron Fences Scottsdale”? If so you are probably looking for professional metal fabricators to design, fabricate, and install fencing for your Scottsdale home or business. Victory Metal Works is proud to offer wrought iron fence installation service to the Scottsdale area.

Getting new fencing is as easy as placing a phone call and we will send out our team to help measure the area you would like a fence installed. We work with property owners to develop the height, size, and style of fences that will not only keep your property more secure, but increase your visual appeal and value of your property. When it comes to the design you want you can use the photos on our site for inspiration, provide designs of your own, or have us present you with a style that will fit your architecture.

Victory Metal Works provides unsurpassed quality, excellent customer service, and stunning designs which are paired with competitive pricing. This is what makes us Scottsdale’s premier custom fence installation company.


Installation of your wrought iron fence is done in 3 phases, design, fabrication, and installation. This ensures that the measurements are right, the style is just right for your property, the fabrication is completed according to the design, and installation goes without a problem.


Hiring Victory Metal Works means having a designer that will listen to your wishes and help you come up with the design that you want for your property. We help you narrow down on the style, size, and all of the details of your fence project so it fits with the aesthetic style of your property and your preferences. Whether you want a fence that looks old world or if you want something that looks ultra modern we can help you with the design and achieve the look you desire.


With your approved design in hand our expert fabricators transform the raw materials into your beautiful and long lasting wrought iron fencing. Victory Metal Works has the full set of skills, tools, and experience necessary to achieve the look and design that you have in mind for your business or home. The fences we build last for many years and are durable because our fabricators only use the best techniques to assemble your fencing. Choose Victory Metal Works, choose quality and professionalism.


Even with the best design and fabrication fencing isn’t useful or safe without quality installation.  Our installation team takes great pride in installing the best looking, highest quality fences.  We take great care in delivery and installation to respect your home or business and the landscape by leaving as few traces possible that we have worked in the area.  As a premier custom fabrication and installation company we strive to make every single job an opportunity to achieve complete customer satisfaction.


APPEARANCE – Wrought iron has long been a material used to create visually stunning metal work. From Europe to the Americas wrought iron has found favor for both residential, commercial, and even government buildings as a strong, durable, and visually stunning building material.

DURABILITY – Wrought iron has adorned structures for hundreds of years and weathers the elements, use, and even abuse. When you have wrought iron fencing installed you are investing in a long lasting solution for your property. Something that will last generations and stay looking great.

SECURITY – Fencing is meant to divide spaces, to keep areas private or to give them a feel of exclusivity. They can also be used to provide a level of security, especially when paired with a set of automated gates. When you want to keep your property secure, wrought iron fencing gets the job done.

INCREASES PROPERTY VALUE – Wrought iron fences are add to the appearance of your property, are a durable fencing option, and increase the security of your home or business. It is only natural that the value of those properties follow by increasing as you invest in them. Best of all, you get to enjoy your investment every day.

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If you have questions about what we could do for your property or you are ready to get started with design we are at your service. Our team is dedicated to helping Scottsdale residents create beautiful, functional, and durable fencing that will last a lifetime. We have a wide catalog of styles that we can help you choose from or will work with you with whatever design you have in mind. No matter the size of the fence install, we will help you get the job done. For quick connection please call 480-584-6220.